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My name is Dimitris Antonopoulos and I work as a Medical Doctor, specialized in Interventional radiology.

I was involved in breeding several animals from a very young age and in breeding Australian and European finches as well special breeds of canary birds for almost 20 years. I was fascinated by the dogs and the dog shows always but I seriously started getting involved in 1989. Since then, 
I have either had different breeds of show dogs as owner/ handler or was involved in their breeding. For many years I have had Afghan Hounds, which did very well around Europe, and especially in Scandinavia. 

My dogs were from the well known Boxadan kennel in Denmark that has left a history in the breed. I was also fascinated by the wonderful breed of Weimaraners and I imported the first Australian female dog from the well known Greydove kennels in Europe from Australia in 2002. Being in Greece in 2004 I wanted a smaller breed to be able to travel more easily around Europe, so I got involved with the amazing breed of Miniature Dacshhunds. Since then and until today, Dacshhunds have been close to me, not as quantity but more as quality as I own and have bred some of the best dogs in Europe. I am proud of my success in breeding and in holding the World champion as well as European Champions in very limited breeding. The future looks very promising.
At present I live in Sweden, which is wonderful, and I still breed and show dogs around Europe, as a life passion that never stops. I am looking forward to my new litters, puppies and rising stars, which we can all enjoy either in the show rings or just as members of a lovely family...! I not only show and breed dogs, but I also judge dogs all around the world, as an Internationally approved judge for the last 15 years, meeting wonderful people and enjoying the breeding of several breeders in different countries.
The past few years I finally made a long waited dream of mine come true and this was to own and breed horses. A number of amazing pedigree and jumping horses has become part of my life and dream. In the summer of 2012 the first amazing foal was born, bringing with it the power of a new challenging breeding career..!
As I mentioned above, future looks very promising in every way, and hope I to be able to continue my passion for many years!!!!! Welcome to my homesite and enjoy my beautiful animals as well my breeding efforts.!  


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