TYGO    (Numero Uno x Purioso x Rigoletto)
KWPN 0003778 Stb.  Born 2000 darkbrown  Size:1.67m


Tygo is a very complete stallion. He combines a fantastically beautiful exterior with strikingly jumping ability, reflexes and a good technique. Tygo also has excellent basic gaits, which are especially powerful, many printing exhibiting canter strikes. Tygo came thanks to its excellent results in 2003 as a performance test champion off the bus in Ermelo.

Tygo has a successful career internationel with Angelique Hoorn behind with many awards and wins at 1.60m level.

In the increasingly competitive breaking young Tygo's by both Nederand and abroad. The oldest offspring currently jumping at 1.30m level.
The descendants of Tygo all have a very good attitude in the trail, showing great power and have good reflexes.

In 2005 Tygo successfully his foals show, which was described by the jury as a uniform collection of well-developed, riding type foals with style, with lots of flexibility and moving print.
The results at the foal inspections were also very striking, many foals were placed 1A.
In 2005, 5 Tygo foals for NMK in Ermelo selected. In 2006 there were no less than 10!! Tygo was the half topaanvoerder this national finals.
The best Tygo foal in Ermelo was the filly Boloma (mv Lucky Boy) with a 6th place in the finals and a great compliment for her powerful gallop of the jury.
From his first year stallions was Alonso (mv Wolfgang) designated for the performance test.
In 2009, a son (mv Investment) 3rd in the championship on the HK Den Bosch and thus appropriate for the performance test.

In the pedigree of Tygo his enormous jumping genes combined. His father is a very good breeding, international jumping Libero H son Numero Uno. The mother of Tygo, Domine (Purioso Rigoletto x) is star, preference and performance and brought all three national and international jumping offspring. She was an excellent mother raport of the KWPN jury.

Tygo impresses by its explosive print, phenomenal effort and ability, he was perhaps the most striking stallion of his year.
Tygo on CH Veendam 2007 for the first international start. In the 1.40 m he was very convincing 2nd in the final. Both matches in the stallion competition 2007-2008 which Tygo participated, he knew winning Zuidbroek Hengelo and exit.
In the 1.40 m of V.H.O. trophy on the HK 2008 in Den Bosch, he was successful 3rd.
In 2010 Did Tygo spectacularly the VHO Trophy at the HQ in Den Bosch win with Angelique Hoorn


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