Junior World Winner-10 European Winner-11 Ygeia Viva La Diva ''Diva''


( BISS Am. Can Ch. GrandGables Wee Mr Red Thorn X   Add-Sim ’s Little Bit Ms (Imp. USA))




diva_a_ diva_a_1 diva_b diva_c_







BIS Am/Can. Ch. GrandGables Wee Mr Red Thorn

Am/Can. Ch. GrandGables Reddy Steady Go MS ROMO

Am.Ch. Packer’s Black Tie MS

Pawprints Fast Trac Edition MS

Am.Ch. Packer’s Mocha Delite MS

Can.Ch. GrandGables Go Go Gabriella MS

Am/Can. Ch. Rosan Hill Englelong Gabriel MS

GrandGables Anyone For Coco MS (Can ptd)

Am/Can. Ch. Rosan Hill Rose Of Sharon MS

Can. Ch. GrandGables Tie Dyed Tuxedo MS (SAf)

BIS,BISS Ch. Am/Can/SAf Ch. GrandGables Buffalo Bill MS (WD -DCA 99)

SAf Ch Julinessa Jenny Many Dots For GrandGables MS

Rosan Hill State Of Grace MS

Am Ch. Chadwick’s Little Rascal MS

Rosan Hill Onyx Engel MS SE

Add Sims Little Bit

CH Add-Sim’s Gigolo Ms

CH Poohdachs’ Own Dos Ms

CH Poohdachs Wysiwyg Ms

CH Poohdachs’ Own Poppyseed Ms

CH Han-Jo’ s Wee Diana Ms

CH Han Jo’ s Wee Telemachus Ms

CH Han-Jo’ s Wee Golden Girl Ms

Abitibi’ s Add Simms Athena Ms

CH Add-Sim’ s Good Time Charlie

CH Shawdox Paws For Applause Ms

Han-Jo’ s Wee Moonlight Ms

CH Aritibi’ s Abracadabra

Abitibi Hokus Pokus

Pawprints Jasmine’ n Jewels Ms




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